Mirror tv

To begin with, a mirror television is simply a dielectric mirror that covers a television set with a custom frame. When your TV is turned off, it serves as a stand for the mirror. When activated, your mirror instantly becomes clear and your TV’s HD image shows through.For this article , AGATH is our partnership

Choose the best frame and glass

First of all you can easily frame your TV with a decorative photo frame or shadowbox. In addition, mirror TVs, also called « smart mirrors », have a simple but elegant design. That’s why they are created using a frame and a transparent dielectric mirror. It should be noted that the latest TV models are very thin. This allows them to be mounted near the wall. Therefore it allows to integrate the mirror television perfectly into your decor.

How to frame a mirror TV?

While a shadowbox frame can be used to quickly frame a mirror TV. But a decorative frame can add much more style. With a tabletop router, you can widen the rabbet of your frame. So that it matches the bezel of your TV, hiding it completely. With this guide, you can create the perfect mirror TV, with the recommended equipment. Plus some tips on how to frame accurately and build a side frame that matches the front of your frame. With these instructions, you’ll make your mirror TV look like art.

How to install a mirror TV?

Prior to installation, a recessed power outlet and HDMI cords are usually threaded through the wall (often by an electrician or AV installer). The easiest way to install a mirror TV is to use an ultra-thin universal wall mount such as the Peerless SUF660. By using an ultra-thin mount, the frame hangs close to the wall, allowing it to blend in with no noticeable gap between the frame and the wall. A slight gap of 1/2″ is usually allowed for sound to pass freely around the frame.

Types of mirror TVs

4.1 Framed mirror TV

The Samsung LED mirror TV is not just a TV, it is a stunning masterpiece that complements the design of your room. The televisions are made with the finest frame styles and the highest quality dielectric mirror. The framed TVs are ultra slim and are available in a wide variety of finishes to blend seamlessly into your decor. Installation is simple, easily hanging with the included bracket like any flat screen TV. In addition to the complete systems, the dielectric mirror can also be purchased alone with instructions.

4.2 Vanity Bathroom

The Vanity Mirror TV combines an ultra-flat Samsung TV cleverly hidden behind a large mirror. When turned on, the TV magically appears through the glass, and when turned off, it disappears completely. The mirrors are made to the size you specify to fit your bathroom perfectly. The TV is easily hung on the wall with the included stand, so you can unpack and set it up quickly. Waterproof remotes are also included, so you can operate the TV from anywhere in your bathroom, including a bathtub, shower, or jacuzzi without worrying about getting it wet. Speakers are built into the TV, so there’s no need to add external speakers. Samsung apps are built into the TVs, providing Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, Google Video and many other popular channels and services.

Mirror only

For mirror TV projects where you already have a designer, carpenter or just a DIY enthusiast, getting a custom sized mirror is a great option. The VanityVision mirror offers a reflection that closely matches a standard mirror for use in the bathroom, and is suitable for projects where the mirror is larger than the TV. The Dielectric Mirror offers a highly transparent mirror with impeccable image quality, and is best for projects where the TV is framed on the visible screen area.